Duolay Gel



Red photopolymerizable resin, specially prepared for the elaboration of caps, elaboration of permanent dentures and dentures on implants; attachment contour of telescopic precision and conic crowns; Contour of pillars of individual implants; Contour of adhesive bridges, inlays and onlays; Contour of crowns and bridges for pantographic transmission; Intraradicular pin [filling and capture structure]; Customized molding of implant protractors; Locking of multiple drag molding on implants; Coping for elaboration of permanent dentures; Caps for permanent denture; tructures for pressed ceramic like inlay laminates; direct casting RPD (Removable Partial Denture), without duplicate model.

Characteristics / Benefits:

• Direct application on the model
• Viscous consistency [thixotropic], like gel
• Ideal consistency, immediate use
• Easy and fast to mold
• Photopolymerize in thin or continuous layers
• Flexibility, fast preparation for casting models
• Fast curing
• The surface can be smoothened with electric probe
• It does not leave residues to the ring after burning


1 syringe with 3gr and 2 measuring nozzle