Bivalent polymerizable acrylic resin for elaboration of crowns, bridges, sculptures of provisional dentures, fixation of veneers and jackets, fillings of retentions in RTD, RPD and filling of cavities in acrylic teeth characterization works. To replace part of chewing system of the human body.

Characteristics / Benefits

• Rigorous selection and raw material receipt tests combined with successive tests during all manufacturing cycles, under ISO standard requirements, assure the specified results in the final product.
• It supports the most varied polymerization methods.
• Range of colors, assuring repeatability and customization of your works.
• The fluids with Fluorescent and Crosslink provide durability and natural aesthetics.
• Uniform polymerization in all parts of the denture, even in the thicker parts.
• Use of Biocompatible Pigments, assuring high color stability.
• Ease in application for execution of work, finishing, polishing and brilliance.


POWDER: 20g and 80g.
SELF-CURING ACRYLIC LIQUID (with Crosslink and Fluorescent): 50ml and 120ml.
HEAT-CURING ACRYLIC LIQUID (with Crosslink and Fluorescent): 50ml.