VIPI Cril Plus



Thermopolymerizable Acrylic Resin for Denture Bases. It is applied to removable total denture, permanent total overdenture, removable partial denture and rebases, to replace part of chewing system of the human body.

• Rigorous selection and raw material receipt tests combined with successive tests during all manufacturing cycles, under ISO standard requirements, assure the specified results in the final product.
• It supports the most varied professionally known polymerization methods forthermopolymerizable resins.
• The high molecular weight makes handling and application easier, assuring excellent results in your work.
• The range of colors is the most complete in the market, attending to all variables.
• The color scale in gum form, makes the choice of adequate color easier.
• Selection and control of pigments assure high color stability.
• Appropriate packaging for use of the supplied measuring utensils, which makes measurement of components easier, separately, and the
conservation of the product until the end.
• VIPICRIL PLUS resin is acrylate free, reducing the possibility of allergic reactions.
• Fluid with Crosslink assuring greater product resistance.
• Ease in handling and application for execution of work.
• Uniform polymerization in all parts of the denture, even in the thick parts.
• Low water absorption, low residual monomer, excellent mechanical properties, high impact resistance, unmatchable brilliance, absence of porosities, ease of drainage, compaction and drainage.


POWDER: Box with 50 doses of 14 g each; Bottles of 80g, 225g, 450g, 1Kg, 2,250kg, 5kg, 25kg and 50kg.
FLUID (With or Without Crosslink): Bottles of 50ml, 120ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 5 L.