Who we are

Founded in 1977, in Pirassununga, São Paulo, VIPI started its activities in a small space. Turning it into a respected company in the market was already the goal of its founders, who from the beginning adopted a business behavior based on commitment to the customer. This resulted in a permanent search for improvement.

To complement its portfolio, in addition to the brands already known as TRILUX and VIPICRIL, VIPI has also developed the brands Dencril and Dentbras.

Over the years, constant investments were made in research and training, we developed our own technology, becoming a world reference in the field of dental prosthesis.

Proudly Brazilian, since 2016 VIPI began to be part of the largest global group of dentistry, Dentsply Sirona.

VIPI is part of the largest global group in the dentistry:

The brand most admired by Brazilian prosthetics.

The admiration of Brazilian prosthetics is a reflection of our commitment to excellence. Thank you for choosing us as the most trusted and valued brand in the dental market. We continue to work tirelessly to exceed your expectations and increasingly strengthen this successful partnership.

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