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Founded in 1977, in Pirassununga, in the state of São Paulo, VIPI began its activities in a small space. Turning it into a respected company in the market was already the goal of its founders, who from the beginning, adopted a business behavior based on commitment to the customer. This has resulted in a permanent search for improvement.

Over the years, constant investments in research and training have led the company to develop its own technology. The establishment of ethical and solid partnerships and the concern for the well-being and appreciation of its employees, promoted a differentiation of products and services directed to the needs of the consumer.
Currently, VIPI is the largest Brazilian company, producing acrylic teeth and resins. It occupies a physical space of 30 thousand square meters and 15 thousand of construction; pioneer in the national market in offering CAD / CAM inputs; has approximately 300 direct and indirect employees and offers more than 25 products, which provide customers with complete solutions in the manufacture of dental prostheses.

Its image of trust and quality, woven over more than 35 years of work, is recognized by the most expressive professionals and national and international bodies.

Technological leadership, product excellence and quality, solid and ethical partnerships and the appreciation of its employees, make VIPI, the proudly Brazilian company, that stands out most in the market in which it operates.



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